I’m an Italian Designer in London, UK.

I am passionate about all things digital and anything related to modern technologies, AI, IoT. I have studied software and web dev at college, built my first webiste at 11 yrs old and started to play around with flash and actionscript when i was 12. This is what got me into digital. But my real passion is design. I studied graphic and digital design at uni and moved to London at 21. The big adventure started. I worked for few different companies, today I’m integrated designer at OLIVER, I play with WordPress, HTML emails, print and digital design, creative thinking for campaigns. I love app dev and game dev, which I do in my free time in partnership with other companies, and I have a passion for natural history illustration.

Recently i have been working on a series of new projects and apps and just keep dreaming.

To find out more about me check out my Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/martirainstorm/; my work in progress – https://dribbble.com/MartiRainstorm; and my incomplete portfolio – https://www.behance.net/martinasartor